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Brand/Manufacturer: Schneider

Status: Available

Series: AVT61

Place of Origin: Made in French

Place of Origin: ATV61HC40N4

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range of product
Altivar 61
product or component type
Variable speed drive
product specific application
Pumping and ventilation machine
component name
motor power kW
355 kW, 3 phase 380…480 V
400 kW, 3 phase 380…480 V
Maximum Horse Power Rating
600 hp, 3 phase 380…480 V
power supply voltage
380…480 V – 15…10 %
supply number of phases
3 phase
line current
597 A 480 V 3 phase 355 kW
637 A 380 V 3 phase 355 kW
644 A 480 V 3 phase 400 kW / 600 hp
709 A 380 V 3 phase 400 kW / 600 hp
EMC filter
Level 3 EMC filter
assembly style
With heat sink
apparent power
419.3 kVA 380 V 3 phase 355 kW
466.6 kVA 380 V 3 phase 400 kW / 600 hp
maximum prospective line Isc
50 kA 3 phase
maximum transient current
910.8 A 60 s, 3 phase
nominal switching frequency
2.5 kHz
switching frequency
2…8 kHz adjustable
2.5…8 kHz with derating factor
asynchronous motor control
Voltage/frequency ratio – Energy Saving, quadratic U/f
Voltage/frequency ratio, 2 points
Voltage/frequency ratio, 5 points
Flux vector control without sensor, standard
synchronous motor control profile
Vector control without sensor, standard
communication port protocol
type of polarization
No impedance Modbus

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